Our service is catering for schools and companies , develope restaurants and also catering for best food quality


We offer a wide selection of food that suits different tastes .


We offer elevate food, beverage and hospitality In kingdom of saudi

Quality Food

Eshraq provides natural, organic, specialty, and local/regional foods

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The Brand

Offering great food and service is important, but is not always a unique selling point Creating a brand that differentiates one restaurant from another is an important component of restaurant success .
The Brand

Service And Value

customer service is a priority in every business . but should be the primary focus to a restaurateur . from the moment that the customer arrives to the restaurant . each staff member they encounter should present a professional and accommodating attitude . from the hostess to bus staff to the head chef . when customers visit the restaurant they are hungry and most likely on a time table communicating delays , making menu suggestions , and promptly – addressing dissatisfied customers are a few ways to guarantee repeat business
Service And Value